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There are countless components that make you unique. There is nothing better than helping you express yourself through custom made furniture. Our goal is to help you create a truly personal home that matches your style, budget and the way you live. With McNellus, you’re not just buying readymade furniture. Here, you get a chance to make it fit your taste and style. Follow these easy steps below to begin the process.




Here are detailed steps on how to get a custom furniture built by McNellus:


Step 1. 

Select a photo or series of photos as a reference to what you wish to create. You can also send us links to photos on Pinterest or Instagram. The photos should be clear. The better the picture, the better the outcome. 

Optional: If photos of the interior of the furniture (example: wardrobes or cabinets) are available, do send those to us as well.


Step 2: 

Cases where you need a professional to measure your space, do let us know and we will arrange for a carpenter to visit your home to take measurements for a small fee.


Step 3: Get a Quotation   

Our team will assess your request and will clarify any doubts with you. At times, we will even send you a hand sketch to make sure we understand what you need. We’ll then get a quotation ready for you as soon as possible.  


Step 4: Payment 

Customers are required to pay half of the cost to do the job before we begin building the furniture. The other half should be paid when the job is completed.

We typically take 4 -8 weeks to complete your furniture. However, for the more complex pieces, it will take longer.  

Need more assistance? 

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